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Who are we?


The Association of Information and Communication Media (AMIC - previously ACPG), was set up in 1997 and was born with the objective of being the interlocutor of a group that enjoys great popularity and outreach within all sectors of the population.

AMIC is currently composed by 295 media, out of which 116 are free press media with a distribution superior to one and a half million copies; while 15 are payment press with over sixty thousand copies; and 164 are digital media with more than eight million and a half of unique users every month.

AMIC is an association dedicated to serve media companies, free and payment press as well as digital, while acting as a patronal for its members. This means we are there to defense all media in this sector, to act with rigor and professionalism and to promote beneficial actions for all communication media.

The distribution of associated media, deeply rooted in many Catalan cities, offers rich and useful editorial content of each area or for each population group. The Catalan newspaper is a unique case in Europe because of its strong presence throughout the country and because of its commitment, for years, to the quality both in content and format. We are a country with great tradition of free press  and digital media where there are several types of formats, frequency and content, which often focus on a very specific type of public or specialized and dedicated to a single topic, such as economy, entertainment, children or students, among many others.

In addition, since the association favours the exchange of professional experiences, opinions and suggestions from all publishers, we have developed joint platforms that allow all publishers to enjoy great tools and resources that help improve their management systems and the quality of their media.

We have as priority objectives:

1. To defend the interests of its members and the whole group of free press,both printed and digital, and of the payment press, excluding defense activities of professional interests referred to in the law 19/1977 of April 1st, regulating the right of trade union.
2. To represent our associates before the government and different institutions.

3. To promote legislative and administrative initiatives for the benefit of free and payment press both printed and digital.

4. To encourage public and joint presence of the free and payment press both printed and digital.

5. To promote the creation of a structure to support the free and payment press both printed and digital.

6. To dignify the group as professional communication media.

7. To facilitate the planning of advertising acting as a mediator between its members and advertisers, agencies and media brokers.

8. To exchange knowledge and information among our members and to promote collaborative projects.
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