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DATE CELEBRATION: November 21, 2017
VENUE: La Pedrera Barcelona Auditorium

Preamble: An International Analysis for the Future of Local Media

World media landscape is rapidly changing, and local press is increasing its leadership in the newsgathering over legacy big media. Globally, there are two areas where local media publishers are step ahead: the US and the Nordic countries. This is why we are inviting experts from both regions to know first-hand how the technological change affected them, how experts see the future of local media, how their experiences have been and which opportunities they foresee.

This international perspective will be reinforced by the presentation of “AMIC’s Innovation and Creativity Workshop.” This project goes in line with the first prize of AMIC Research won by Dr. Carmina Crusafon. This study presented successful examples of local media companies in three international markets (USA, United Kingdom, and France).

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